18 Sep 2016

#188 My work in Ashwin issue of Agnishatdal Ezine

16 Sep 2016

#187 My poem being featured in Anthology by Colors-Shades of Life

SOL:Shades of Life Family

I’m happy to announce that one of my entries has got a place in the anthology by Colours-Shades of life.
Anthology featuring my poem by Colors-Shades of Life

This day has got another significance when I recall events from my memory lane(as assisted by my sister),we got placed in TCS during on-campus drive in the year 2014. Our joy knew no bounds. So, I shall remember this day for various memories! :) I feel honored and blessed!

Swati Sarangi

15 Sep 2016

#186 My Review of Bhadra issue of Agnishatdal

My Review of Bhadra issue of Agnishatdal

Agnishatdal is a collection of variety of literary work and art. One can find a mixture of mythological information, poems, interviews, photographs and digital paintings- all at one place- in this 122 page- long ezine. 

The opening note of the editor Sharmishtha Basu gives a brief insight about creating something beautiful. One can find an intelligent arrangement of digital paintings amidst the literary works. We can get to know about Rabindranath Tagore and Abanindranath Tagore. 

Then comes the section of stories, reflections and thoughts as illustrated by a well crafted digital painting by the creator herself.   An article entitling ‘A smile amidst the crowd’by Vishal Bheeroo can be seen as an inaugural one. It’s about an experience of the author meeting a stranger,a 9-year-old girl (might be a child labour),who smiled back at him confidently when he tried to a smile to show his sympathy.

A poem “Where is the truth?” by Ngobesing Romanus speaks about the quest for the ultimate truth of the life.

 Through her poem  ‘Prayer’ , the poetess Swati Sarangi wishes the almighty to be a torch bearer to guide her though the life.

 A poem ‘A genuine friend’ by Wendel A. Brown is a beautiful tribute to the wonderful friends we make in our life.

 ‘A partycrasher’ by Troy David Loy is a short fiction about the invasion of aliens. 

‘Life,love,wisdom by Lisa Ojanpera. 

‘Cheetah Reflection’ by Carolyn Page is a work to provide motivation to one self by drawing the inspiration from the animal Cheetah. 

Then comes a series of wonderful photographs of nature of Dominic S. Collucci.

 ‘How fate was overcome’ by Raghunandan Kuppuswamy is a story about getting over the curse given by a saint. 

‘Weep not ‘ by Lisa Ojanpera beautiful photography of nature supported by wise lines. 

‘Journey to end with light’ by Dominic Collucci creates a unique comparison between candle and the life of a human being.

 ‘One must sleep before they are awakened’ by Dominic Collucci is a spiritual poem about the awakening of human to his inner consciousness. 

‘Tomorrow’s end by Carolyn Page with excerpt of the book.

‘Addiqtd book of poetry- A small compilation by modern poems’ by Swati Sarangi and her interview.

Interview of the creator of Success Inspirer’s World- Ngobesing Romanus .

Interview of Vishal Bheeroo.

Song birds sings to sun by Sharmishtha Basu

Clouds play by Sharmishtha Basu is a short poem creating images about the movement of clouds that bring rain.

‘Krishnavarna Neelavasan’ is a poem by Sharmishtha Basu originally written in Sanskrit in Devnagri Script ,then translated in English.

A mythological tale of ‘Parvati Swayamvar’ by Sharmishtha Basu narrates the love story of Lord Shiva and Parvati from Hindu Purana.

‘Story of Bangla Calendar’ by Sharmishtha Basu gives knowledge about the influence of Muslim calendar on Bengali calendar.

‘India this month’ by Sharmishtha Basu is a list of Indian festivals to be celebrated in near future.

‘Bengal this month’ by Sharmishtha Basu is a similar informative article as above listing various festivals celebrated in the month of Bhadra.

‘Pieces of past’ by Sharmishtha Basu provides a list of various chronological events of history.

The ezine ends with few spoilers ,digital paintings and concluding words from the creator.

My views in brief: It’s an ezine dedicated to the Bhadra month(Monsoon)of Hindu Calendar  as one can find various  pieces of information from the creator on it. Apart from this, it is flooded with various literary works and art. I feel too honoured to find my writing in this ezine. Thanks to Sharmishtha Basu for giving me an opportunity  to publish my works in this ezine.

Swati Sarangi


14 Sep 2016

#185 Writers of Agnishatdal Ashwin issue

13 Sep 2016

#184 My review for Agnishatdal Bhadra Issue

Words of fellow writer of Agnishatdal-Troy David Loy

Words from the Creator: Sharmishtha Basu

5 Sep 2016

#183 Granny's words of wisdom

Granny’s words of wisdom
Image result for grandmother and grandchildren painting

Grandparents play a very important role in life of every one. They act as a protecting shield from the wrath of parents.  As a child, I was always pampered by my grandparents. We, grand children, were the apples of their eyes. Whenever I was punished by my mother for disobeying her orders, I would threaten her to complain against her to my granny (maternal grandmother). The summer vacation would send out a natural invitation to all my cousins to gather at my granny’s place at Puri. It was the time for which we all had waited to get assembled at a common place where we could enjoy together. Then the days at Puri would pass in chatting accompanied by laughter, playing, singing, dancing, fun and frolics.

Granny was a very devout lady who had a pious heart. Her thoughts were organised and crystal clear. She never thought ill of others. She was like an Acharya who practised everything what she preached so religiously. She was an Encyclopedia of Sanskrit shlokas. She would always suggest us never to observe or discuss ill qualities of others as it would start to develop inside us. She was very optimistic about people and life. She always appreciated the positive side of everyone she came across. I was so young to convince myself about the verity of her words then. Now, after so many years, when I accidentally came across a motivational book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne , I’m able to connect to each word she spoke about life. The book gives a deep insight to the largest working force in the universe called ‘Law of attraction’. We surprisingly attract everything in our life, be it people, situations, opportunities and even accidents!  All these attractions are possible through our thoughts! Yes, that’s the truth. Our passionate thoughts materialise in life. It’s difficult to control each and every thought we encounter inside our mind but we can certainly regulate the kind of thoughts we want to have.
  Truly, Granny’s way of perceiving life and surrounding was very enlightening. Certainly the universe is very friendly and conspires to give everything to them who know how and what to ask for.

I wish everyone a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. May Lord Ganesha always shower his mercy upon you and your family.
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Swati Sarangi


4 Sep 2016

#182 Surprise

Image result for surprise quotes

Each moment of life
Is a surprise
For it can’t be
Decoded even by the wise
The future is unpredictable
And the past is irreplaceable
Most important are our thoughts
So, a vigilant check on
Them is must
How surprising it is
When the law of attraction
Pulls every person, challenges or
Situations towards us unconsciously
The universe conspires to
Make us great
So, why do we wait?
Waiting for the moment right
Will never make the future bright
The feeling of possession
Of our desires makes
Us our own destiny’s creator
The concept of acquiring them
Is the most satisfying
That’s why life is a surprise
And each moment of it
Is a winning prize.
Image result for surprise

Swati Sarangi

20 Aug 2016

#181 Few words from the creator of Agnishatdal Ezine Bhadra Issue

Content of Agnishatdal Bhadra Issue

19 Aug 2016

#180 Childhood dreams

Childhood dreams

Dream is not what you see in sleep but it is the thing that does not let you sleep.

We all have read this quotation of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam multiple times. This quotation is quite motivating. Dreams have the power to transform a life completely. One should never stop dreaming in any way because the more you dream; the more you get new energy to execute your task.  It is quite simple in a sense that if you have the courage to dream, you have gathered enough courage to convert it into reality.

In my childhood, I was very naughty and regarded as “chatter-box” in my family. I used to narrate my ready- made stories to everyone including my relatives and guests without knowing their meanings in true sense. Some would laugh over my stories while others would feel it to be entertaining but at the end of the stories I would be left with a single question which would not be relevant to the subject and that would annoy me. The question used to be, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” With a very weird expression in face, I would answer, “Pilot”. It was my first ever childish dream. The scenes of wings of aeroplanes penetrating the clouds at the top were very close to my heart. As a child, it was my habit to go to the terrace and observe aeroplanes. As my house was located near the aero drum, on a daily basis I was lucky enough to see nearly 5-6 aeroplanes taking off or landing down. I used to get swayed away completely by that marvelous view.

With my entry to secondary section of school, this dream got vanished. I started asking questions to everything I observed. I was enthusiastic to learn new things and got engaged in new hobbies. Most of my family members are associated with education system. By this I mean that, my uncles and aunts are professors and teachers. So, somehow I developed a strong feeling that I should pursue my career in teaching. Whenever I used to see my uncle preparing notes and rehearsing aloud for the classes, I deeply felt the desire to teach. I was always inspired by him. To make this newly developed dream close to reality, I would gather some of my juniors at my house and teach them some subjects by writing on a black board (which I had purchased for this purpose only). I would pretend as if I was their teacher and they had to follow certain rules and regulations. At the end of each topic, I would make them appear in test and award them marks. The junior scoring highest marks would get some chocolates. I was indulged in pursuing this childish dream for two years only (6th and 7th standard).

Commencement of board exams brought some new changes in my thought process. A new dream was evolving then. It was not like the previous immatured ones. It was very much related to career. A new question had popped up in my brain. Which stream to choose- Science or Medical? I chose science because I had no interest in studying biology. As I chose this stream, I continued to engineering in undergraduate course. I have completed four years of engineering now and pursuing my masters. It would have been impossible for me to pursue this career without the support of my parents, relatives and friends. I am always grateful to the Almighty for showering his mercy upon me. I have been protected a number of times by him. I am lucky that at the tender age, no one tried to mock at my childish dreams. All my family members encouraged me to move forward.

It is very difficult for me to predict the future right now but I have faith on God that he is always there to guide me along the path of  my journey.
“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”
Sweta Sarangi                                                                                            

#179 Dreams of my reality

Dreams of my reality

Dream can be defined as a series of thoughts, images that we see when we are in the state of slumber. There’s no one who might have not dreamt while sleeping. It occurs in our subconscious or unconscious state which is largely influenced by our thought process. Dreams are sometimes pleasant. We always wish our pleasant dreams to get converted into reality while we always try to erase any unpleasant dream from our memory.

Dreams also signify our aspirations and hopes in life. Quoting APJ Abdul Kalam You have to dream before your dreams can come true”. The foremost thing in achieving our goal is to dream about attaining that. The rate of success becomes high when we visualise our chance of acquiring that in reality. During my school days, I always dreamt of scoring high in various competitive exams. I was a serious and disciplined student in my school days. I wanted to score the highest marks in Hindi in 10th board in my school as I hailed from a non Hindi speaking state. With a rigorous, meticulous and constant practice, I could achieve what I dreamt of. I could also secure my place among toppers in my school. In this venture, I received an enormous support from my parents, sister, teachers and friends.

Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep”. These words of Kalam are so apt in context of the ongoing discussion. The passion of attaining goals should be so intense that it does not let one to be in peace before its achievement. I have always been fascinated by my father’s skill of writing since childhood days. He used to write beautiful articles and poems for me. I would always ask him about the time span required for me to master this skill. He always encouraged me to voice my thoughts through words and as a result of it, I’ve been exploring this skill of mine since many years.Writing has become a serious passion for me over the years.I am trying to keep up this habit of writing for which I've been able to win various contests at school and college level.
I've always been a dreamer.I still cherish a lot of dreams for my future.Some of my dreams keep motivating me to  work in the direction of  achieving them. I was able to achieve whatever little success I could only because of those dreams I dared to dream and the supporters of those dreams! 

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”

Swati Sarangi