17 Sep 2017

#294 Writers of SOL-3

16 Sep 2017

#293 Stay healthy and fit with Saffola Oil

Stay healthy and fit with Saffola oil

Health is not an option but a priority. We invest money very meticulously, but why
don’t we take a little extra effort to acquire a healthy body? It’s the biggest asset and that’s why health is a synonym for wealth. Being healthy can make you more energetic and focused towards your goal. And an efficient mind resides in a healthy body which is a secret to attaining success. Adopting healthy lifestyle is not that difficult task to perform. Yes, it’s within our reach. All we need to do is to plan daily accordingly we can take out some spare time for doing exercises or joining some classes of Yoga etc.

Below are given some ways to experience a healthy lifestyle-
Ø Wake up early- We all are very well acquainted with this famous quote by Banjamin Franklin, “Early to bed and early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”  Waking up early will schedule the day and will make one active.
Ø Exercise daily- Exercise is a key factor to a healthy life. You need to maintain a schedule for a workout. If you are quite busy with your profession, don’t worry. You can carry out small workouts for few minutes also like sitting posture workout, little push-ups if there is ample of space around or leg workouts. There are numerous videos available in youtube. You can watch those or install your virtual trainer through app.
Go for a morning or evening walk for intake of fresh air.
Ø Sleep for 6-8 hours- Sleep is very necessary as it speeds up body mechanisms. After doing a lot of work, the body requires rest so that it will get ready to perform another set of tasks. Don’t neglect it. It will adversely affect your health.
Ø Take your meal properly- Make a proper diet plan. Follow it regularly. Your diet should contain lots of vegetables and proteins. Avoid consuming liquor and junk foods. Try to eat a heavy meal in lunch and lighter in dinner. It will just balance your body. Drink about four litres of water daily. You can have a cup of milk over coffee or tea twice a day.
Ø Spend quality time with your family- It has been revealed from a study that spending a quality time with your family members reduces stress and make you feel satisfied. You experience contentment when you find your voice is heard and respected. You can share your worries freely with them. They act as a stress-buster.  

Saffola oil is designed to meet your healthy lifestyle.
What makes you to choose Saffola Oils among rest?

  • The power of Blended Oils: Multi-seed Technology1 gives you goodness of two oils in one. 
  • Losorb Technology 2 ensures a lower absorption of oil in your food4. 
  • Power of Antioxidants: Saffola oils are enriched with an Antioxidant bundle to enhance the fat quality and to provide optimum nutritional benefits.
  • The Nutri Lock Technology protects the natural goodness of the oil

The ultimate goal of life is to stay fit and enjoy each moment of life fully. As the jingle of Saffola oil tells to take a step, push your body little for workout daily to fill your heart with happiness. Don’t stop, just try a little harder and that’s all.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.


#292 A healthy notion

A healthy notion

The pace of world is getting fast day by day and so are the lives of people who constitute it. People from all walks of life are trapped in the busy schedule of their lives. Even toddlers are not spared from this competitive arena. In this fast paced life, we somehow neglect our health and unconsciously develop a lot of health issues. So, it’s very important to keep both body and mind healthy as a sound mind rests in a healthy body.

For this, one needs to keep a watch of the lifestyle which he is leading. It’ll give him enough insight to incorporate some of the healthy changes that will enable him to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a long term. The set of practices that one must follow definitely varies from person to person depending upon his profession.  For example, the habits of students will definitely differ from that of working professionals.

I’m a student now. Certain practices that I follow are written below:
1)    Getting up as early as possible.
2)    Devoting sufficient time for a sound sleep
3)    Following morning rituals which includes a session of prayer, meditation, exercises, walking or playing badminton, repeating  a set of self affirmations
4)    Taking proper diet in right time
5)    Sitting on a posture of Bajrasan for 5 minutes 2 times after lunch and dinner.
6)    In the evening a session of prayer, meditation and exercises
7)    Reading few pages of motivational books after the dinner
8)    Maintaining a diary so pen down my feelings
9)    Night rituals include prayer, planning for the next day in advance, practicing the feeling of being gratitude  and setting up the alarm for an early start for the next day.

It’s equally important to maintain a good mental health.  An idle mind is devil’s workshop. To keep myself up always engaged in some useful activities, I always try to prioritise my schedule. I maintain a pool of hobbies which include reading, writing, singing, painting and pursue them in my spare time. I have chosen a set certain guidelines to myself which always remind me that the entire responsibilities of my life is in my hands and no one  is to be blamed for it. This reduces my ability to be dependent on the surrounding and work consistently in removing my follies. To maintain a peaceful state of mind, I keep myself away from negative feelings that arise from comparing me with the others. Everyone is unique in his own ways.  I try to self discipline myself through consistent practice of certain activities.

Practice makes a man perfect. To achieve something, we have to carry those practices required to achieve the goal tirelessly till its accomplishment. I feel that the above mentioned ideas are productive enough to be considered as notions for a healthy lifestyle.
I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

©Swati Sarangi

#291 Fresh air for life

Fresh air for life
Air pollution is often associated with the outdoor but one should not underestimate the effect of household pollutants. Indoor air pollution can be defined as the characteristics of air such as physical, chemical or biological surrounding where you are residing in your house, institution or commercial facilities. Although, these do not seem to cause much hazard to health but in reality they actually do. Fresh air is as much as important as clean water for sustaining life on earth. Living in a developing urban area has not only improved our living conditions with the onset of technological developments but also affected the inhale of quality air.

Why has there been so much emphasis on quality of air? A study has revealed that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air and definitely it will have some severe effect on people’s health. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. So, it is important to understand and control common pollutants of indoors to reduce the risk of indoor health issues. Health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced soon after exposure or, possibly, years later.

In developing countries, approximately around 3.5 billion people are susceptible to indoor air pollution as they completely rely on traditional fuels such as wood, charcoal or cow dung as media for cooking or heating purposes on daily basis. This has also raised an alarm of increasing concentration of pollutants as a result of production of smoke which is confined to the surrounding of house. In 1992, World Bank has placed indoor air pollution as the fourth most global problems in the list of environmental problems especially for developing countries.

Developed countries are not spared from the influence of household pollution. Although the causes of air pollution are different, yet the percentage of pollution is high. Efficient use of energy in household is a major problem which can contribute significantly to indoor air pollution in a way of making house airtight by curbing ventilation. The use of synthetic materials for building and furnishing and the use of chemical products, pesticides, and household care products have found to contribute to indoor air pollution.  Smoke from Tobacco generates a wide range of harmful chemicals and is known to cause cancer. Biological pollutants include pollen from plants, mite, hair from pets, fungi, parasites, and some bacteria. Most of them are allergens and can cause asthma, hay fever, and other allergic diseases.

The concern of World Health Organisation to air pollution can be viewed through its publication of the first edition of Air quality guidelines for Europe in the year 1987 containing health risk assessments of 28 chemical air contaminants. In 2000, WHO published a second edition of the guidelines and a “global update” was published in 2006. The second edition focused on the pollutants considered in the first edition. The global update focused on a small group of pollutants (particulate matter, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide) The WHO air quality guidelines have played an important role in providing information and guidance for regulatory authorities working in the air pollution field. In Europe, the guidelines are now seen as the key source on which the European Commission’s directive on air quality is based.
The working group defined the following criteria for selecting compounds for which the development of WHO guidelines for indoor air could be recommended:
Ø existence of indoor sources
Ø availability of toxicological and epidemiological data
Ø indoor levels exceeding the levels of health concern

Based on the data, there is division of pollutant into two categories. Group 1 included pollutants for which WHO guidelines for indoor air were needed such as benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, naphthalene, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, randon, trichloroethylene. Group 2 included pollutants of potential interest such as acetealdehyde, asbestos, glycol, ozone, hexane, xylene, toluene. 

Thus, acceptable indoor air quality can be achieved through source control and pollutant dispersion, and in particular through:
Ø application of low-emission materials and products;
Ø proper selection of the devices and fuels used for combustion indoors;
Ø the venting of products to the outdoor air;
Ø ventilation control

Royale Atmos is a paint that reduces harmful air pollutants and makes the air cleaner. Additionally, it also absorbs various foul smells & makes the air fresh. Thus, for the first time, Asian Paints presents a paint that not only looks good, but also helps purify air and improve the air quality inside your home.

Breathe in fresh air with Royale Atmos Paint.
Royale Atmos paint


11 Sep 2017

#290 Happiness

Happiness is when the self autographed book of the author reaches your door

3 Sep 2017

#289 The misleading judgement

The misleading judgement
What you feel gets inside of you
Which forms the utter version of you
It might not be all what you see
Few things exist beyond your belief.

When you create a perception of others
That’s what your eyes tend to perceive
But what about soul’s vitality
Away from your sense’s credibility

Judging may be the easiest task
Ever you cared others to ask
The struggle they had to undergo
Again and again in their past?

Underlying facts and principles
Never get troubled so easily
By the tremors of unreasonable
Or unfriendly surrounding.

Experiences are the best teachers
One’s experience of life; irreplaceable
What you gain in life never gets lost
In the words of Bhagvad Geeta.

Random scribbling

P.S: Dedicating this poem which I composed in the waiting hall before my turn came up for the interview, to those who are too prompt at choosing the books by their covers.

Edit: The result of the interview came out to be in my favour fortunately!

©Swati Sarangi

25 Aug 2017

#288 Lord Ganesha

#287 Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

23 Aug 2017

#286 Winners of the giveaway contest

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#285 Nominated For Indian Blogger Award 2017

Hello Readers,
 Our blog has been nominated for Indian Blogger Award 2017 in various categories. Help us win the contest by showering your votes, if you find our efforts worthy. Thanks in advance.

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18 Aug 2017

#284 Book Review

The Highway Man

Author: J Alchem

Genre: Fiction

Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 1708KB

Star: 4.2/5 (Self)

Review: It’s a collection of three short stories with title, “Catherine”, “Sidzy; for a day”, “The highway man”.

Catherine is the story of a 62-year-old physician Dr.Rusenvelt who once gets a call from Nicholas Will, the father of bestselling author of Genre-Romance; Nicholas Sieum. He decides to meet him and comes to know about the shocking obsession of the author with one of the lead roles of his novel, Catherine. The story revolves around the measures adopted by Dr. Rusenvelt to help Nicholas Sieum to get rid of his obsession but ends on a pessimistic note!

Sidzy; for a day is a love story of a married couple Jihan and Sidzy. The plot revolves around the decision of Jihan to play the role of Sidzy on an occasion of International Woman’s Day to express his gratitude.

The Highway Man’s plot contains the main character as Rohan, an employee of an MNC and his 7-year-old-son Ayaan.  His girl-friend-turned-wife Sunaina has been dead for about a year now in a severe road accident and it has affected his life in the most drastic way. One day he decides to visit Agra with his son and on their way to Agra ,he is requested for a lift by a stranger on Delhi-Agra Highway. The stranger who introduces himself as Jihan Zahir describes the similar situation of losing his family in a road accident. He accompanies their loneliness and boredom throughout their journey through his silly jokes and departs at the end of the journey. After few months, they come to know about the main culprit of the accident featured in the newspaper, Jihan Zahir, who used to ask for lifts, irritates the passengers and changed their lives due to which he’s regarded as The Highway Man.    

My experience- First of all, the cover of the book is very well designed. I would like to contradict the famous quotation, “Don’t judge the book by its cover” as the illustration on the cover lends some impact on the choice of the book. I’m sure its brilliant design might have certainly attracted readers. I was also impressed by the unique presentation of acknowledgement in which the author regards himself as the mother of his babies; creations. This certainly adds an extra touch for his words. I expected it to be a novel but it’s not. Among the stories, my favourite is Catherine and I expected it to never end.
I like the narration and the simple yet lucid way of formation of sentences which glues the readers to it. The humours side of the author comes to limelight through his #kuchhbhi jokes. I was kept under the emotion of suspense for first story.  It’s difficult to guess why the author has chosen the title of the book based on the title of the last story. It would have been better had the last story been elucidated as the main story of the novel.

Overall, it’s an entertaining book to be read.

©Swati Sarangi


26 Jul 2017

#283 Day 1 Winners of Mega Giveaway of Let The Game Begin

Gratitude to the author, Sandeep Sharma! The surprise of the morning can't be better than this! :)

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#282 In the end- Tribute to Chester Bennington

In the end- Tribute to Chester Bennington
I’ve always thought of writing on this topic but could never utilise my words wittily to frame an article. Yes, the title of this post matches with the title of a music track of Linkin Park that always lifts me up. I can’t recall how many times I have played this song but I must admit that this song has something special in its lyrics which have at times prompted me to go on several rounds of thoughts seriously. I then ponder about those solid principles on which the pillar of life rests. What exactly matters in the end?

It’s such heartening to mention the unfortunate demise of singer Chester Bennington of an English Band named Linkin Park. I have always admired listening to the songs of Linking Park for the soulful composition with motivational lyrics which have brought an enormous fame to them. I’ve even dreamt of attending the live concert of Linkin Park and meeting Chester. Those motivational and meaningful lyrics have always have always lent a mesmerizing impact on the fans; especially on the youth. It might never have been easy for Chester Bennington to channelize the agonies that arose out of the pains of his past into music and he did it so brilliantly. I don’t want to be judgemental here but I wonder how those powerful songs that could fill millions of disheartened souls with enormous energy, did not prove fruitful in saving the life of the singer himself? How could not he beat that terrible monster of depression when his songs helped millions of his fans to come out of the vicious cycle of depression victoriously?

I’ve come across many insensitive remarks of people regarding the suicide of the legend by putting forth their biased and judgemental views. It brings forth many important things to limelight.
·        People will always criticise you even after your death, so why to care for their derogatory remarks while you’re alive?
·        Depression is a serious issue and in this era of high competitiveness, almost many of us must have come under its grip. Nothing surprising! So it’s utmost important to take care of your mental health just like physical health.

A small poem to drive any suicidal feelings:

Whenever you feel like giving up
Remember those hands that let
You walk over those unlevelled paths
Remember those hands that fed you
Recognise your worth and the
Consequences that your absence will bring
Remember the purpose for which
You are in this world
Realise if you can the sense of
Parenthood that you’ve brought
What reasons you need
Other than those for your survival?

Few lines as a tribute to Chester Bennington:
In the end it does not even matter
The wealth which you’ve gathered
The vague pride that you let grow
The moments that you never lived
Those ill feelings that you kept inside
The risks that you never took
For the fear of being judged
Numerous times you fell down
Bruising your self esteem

Life is about giving
And sharing all you can
Getting up after every fall
And shouting ,”Yes, I can”.

Don’t shrink this wonderful gift
Of experience under the sheet
Of lame excuses of judgement.
Numb my ears became
After listening to that
Divine rhythm!
In the end the voice is silent
Numbing million of hearts
And leaving this mortal Earth
With immortal melodious fragrance.

My college days would never have been so beautiful without those tracks of Linkin Park sung mellifluously by Chester Bennigton. A heartfelt Gratitude to the singer, your songs will always stay alive in the hearts of millions. May your soul rest in peace! This is the hardest good bye!

Swati Sarangi


17 Jul 2017

#281 Agnishatdal Annual Digest 2017 : Agnidal 1

10 Jul 2017

#280 WOW Post-6

9 Jul 2017

#279 Monsoon Reflections

Monsoon reflections

Once during a rainy day, I was sitting alone near the window of my room at hostel accompanied by a hot cup of coffee. The power outage made me focus more on the sounds of falling drops of rain. It was getting darker with the vast stretch of dark clouds in the sky. The sight of the spread of the greenery all around was too mesmerizing to behold. I heard the noise of few kids who came running out of their homes to dance gleefully in the rain. I could not count the sudden increase in the number of paper boats that came floating near to a bench that stood at the end of the park which I watched through my window.

All these scenes prompted me to recall similar moments of my life. The memories of my glorious childhood days came flooding by. I forgot the staunch loneliness that I was experiencing for a moment and started to get indulged in some of the philosophical discussions taking place inside my mind. After monitoring the series of my thoughts that often pushed me to quit so as to avoid the prevalent monotony of my life, the first question that I put to myself was, “why not quitting?” With this question, came the strongest reasons of not quitting as I started to ponder about the purpose of the initiation of the journey that I’ve decided to make.

 No matter how difficult or monotonous the present situations appeared to me, they would certainly be better than some of the adversities that I may encounter in near future. It has been 6 years now that I left my home for starting an educational journey at hostel. In the span of 6 years, I got a chance to stay at different places of India with different people from different cultural or economical background. Before embracing the life at hostel, I used to take a lot of stresses of exams in my school days in spite of being under the utmost care and support of my family. Never even had I imagined that the level of difficulties that I was going to encounter in near future was million times harder than those. Had I got aware of my future challenges, I would have let go those periods of stresses with ease. I learnt that the exams of life were not just confined to paper and pens but some of the challenging situations that demanded every ounce of my potential to be used to get through that. The role that my family played in uplifting me during the phases of my hopelessness was now transferred to me. Yes, I’m growing matured with every difficult situation I came across.    

          Amidst all those thoughts of self analysis, I almost forgot that the drops of rain were starting to wet my belongings which were arranged in a shelf kept closer to the window. Then, I had to rush to the place where the shelf was kept to transfer all those things to another place.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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Swati Sarangi



25 Jun 2017

#278 Result of Contest at Mirakee

18 Jun 2017

#277 Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all fatherly figures of my life.

I’m running short of words to express my gratitude for having received a lot of care and support from you. I have no idea if I’m done my part as a daughter well but I’m always amazed at the way of yours in meeting every responsibilities of your life so well.  I promise to make you proud.

May you be blessed with wonderful days with infinite happiness and good health in days to come.

P.S: Coincidentally the number of the post is the number of the house I lived in and so many memorable events cherishing each of them even today!