16 Nov 2017

#315 October Issue of The Quiet Letter

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10 Nov 2017

#313 Stop not when you're tired

Stop not when you’re tired

Ruk jaana nahin tu kabhi haar k
Kaanton pe chalke milenge saaye bahar ke
O! Raahi ..O! Raahi..

 Don’t stop by assuming yourself as being defeated
On walking over the thorns, you’ll get to face moments of happiness
Oh! Traveller ..Oh! Traveller...

One of the songs that effortlessly flashed in my mind at a lightning speed the moment I saw the topic is the above one. I am not only energised by its powerful melody but also enchanted by the melody of the song.  The song has been a part of the movie Imtihaan written by Majrooh Sultanpuri and music direction of it was done by Laxmikaant Pyarelaal. Who can ever miss the most melodious voice of the era, of Kishore Kumar?

Let me share the tale of my recently found love for the app, Smule, in brief.  I came across this app containing karaoke of various songs few months ago. I enjoyed recording songs in it to the core and the features it contains, adds flavours to the voice being recorded.  Not only has it improved my knowledge in lyrics of different songs but also helped me to collaborate with brilliant singers across the globe; something that I always wanted to do! I recorded this song on the day of Teacher’s day, 5th September as a tribute to all those teachers who motivated me to never give up in the struggle of life and continue to move forward with all might.

So, presenting the recording of the song through app, Smule, in my voice with a talented co-singer before you all. I hope that you’ll enjoy listening to it.

This song has been described among the motivational songs of Bollywood. So, how can I ever miss it in my playlist and learning it was a completely delightful act. Each word of the song has a deep meaning.  We are like travellers, traversing through various frames of time and space. We face many challenges during our journey which either make us or break us. The impact of the challenges that we come across during the journey is solely based on the choices we make in labelling them.

It’ll be unfair if I don’t translate the entire song which serves as a powerful dosage of motivation. Here it goes:

Related image
Sooraj dekh ruk gaya hai ,Tere aage jhook  gaya hai
Jab kabhi aise koi mastaana
Nikle hai apni dhun mein diwaana
Shaam suhaani ban jaate hain, din intezaar ka
O Raahi ... O Raahi..

See, how sun has stopped as if to bow down before you
Whenever someone determined, sets out on his path
Evenings appear even more fascinating even through waiting for the next day
Oh! Traveller... Oh! Traveller.......

Saathi na kaarwaan hai, yeh teraa imtihaan hai
Yoon hi chala chal dil ke sahaare
Karti hai manzil tujhko ishaare
Dekh kahin koi rok na le tujhko pukaar ke
O Raahi... O Raahi...

Oh! Friend ,this is not caravan but your exam
Keep going with the hope in your heart
Your destiny is calling you
Be cautious lest you should not be stopped by anyone.

Nain aansoon jo liye hain , yeh raahon ke diye hain
Logon ko unka sab kuchh deke
Tu to chala tha, sapne hi leke
Koi nahin to tere apne hain sapne ye pyaar ke
O Raahi... O Raahi..  

The tears that your eyes hold are like lamps, enlightening your path
After returning everything of others
You set out on your mission with the dreams of yours  
Even though no one is with you yet your dreams accompany you
Oh! Traveller ... Oh! Traveller.....

So, stop not when you’re tired, stop when you are done- Anonymous

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3 Nov 2017

#311 The Timer

The Timer
Image result for The timer

I’ve a set of thirty minutes to write this post. When I convert this duration into seconds, then I’ve an entire set of 1800 seconds. The moment I finished this conversion of minutes into seconds, my mind gave me an indication of having surplus of time because of the figure along with the hint of the rate of passage of these seconds. I’m now more focused on what to write as I feel that I won’t be left with much time to redraft or correct anything. So, my level of consciousness with each thought and the way that can be expressed through words rises.

With this thought of timer, I wonder how our lives are no different from the stage whose plays are well timed and yes, we are the actors. The director has designed everything perfectly and the allotted time can never be distorted or changed. Like each particle of sand falling down to the lower chamber of an hour glass, each second of our lives passes by and most of the times we are unconscious about it. We tend to think that we have much more time to accomplish tasks which we think we can, until certain deadlines approach and intimidate us. Without the knowledge of certain time frame or deadlines, it becomes difficult to focus or use our potential to its maximum.

I wonder how efficient our lives will turn out to be when we set the timer for each task we want to accomplish. The timer has to be set inside the mind for obvious reasons. This will enable one to completely drive out the background thoughts and focus more intensely in meeting the deadlines. This is what I’ve realised over this on-going session of thirty minutes. One more important aspect which is associated with the concept of having limited time is that our thoughts get more streamlines. We tend to limit all sorts of background thoughts which are irrelevant in completing the task so that the probability of achieving it becomes high. The background no longer disturbs us when we indulge ourselves completely in a task. I have luckily experienced this state during my school days and my stay at home. As I stepped out of my home to embrace the life at hostel, I felt a hell lot amount of distractions.

Our mind is constantly in motion. It produces zillions of thoughts each second which is difficult to be deciphered. It keeps on creating or recreating circumstances which are mostly imaginary. An idle mind is devils workshop, this is something we have been hearing since ages but a wandering mind is equally unproductive. Setting a timer or constraining time limit to perform a task will always act as a filter for irrelevant thoughts leading to the state of distraction from the main stream. It will not only help us achieve our goals but also let us discover our potential without thinking much. Planning is always an important thing but too much time spent on planning does not result in fruitful implementation.  

Mind, Oh! My mind,
Why do you wander so much?
Whenever I try to control you
You produce even more thoughts than before
Is there a simple rule to conquer you?
I have tried to search for many clues
But got none as a result.

I would like to conclude this post with this line, “The one who has conquered his mind can conquer the world.”

P.S: I enjoyed writing this post and it is a one-time drafted post. Each word of this post has been written by setting a timer of thirty minutes and adhering strictly to it. Thanks to my typing speed because of which it has been possible for me to complete it within the prescribed limit.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ 
WOW - 30 minutes timer to just write!
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30 Oct 2017

#310 A tale of heart prints

A tale of heart prints

Related image
There was a soft knock at my door at 2a.m. At first, I ignored it but when the sound of knocking persisted, I had to gather my courage to go to the door to open it. With trembling legs and hands, I pushed myself to get out of the bed to reach the door. To my surprise, when I opened it, I found a pale blue coloured envelope with heart prints of dark pink colour all over it. I started looking out for the one who had left that envelope there for few minutes before picking that up.

My heart pulsated faster as I tried to open the letter by thinking about the possibilities of sender. Who could possibly write a letter and send it to me at this unearthly hour? I let my mind to exercise a bit for finding the answers but it turned out to be clueless by scanning the history of episodes of my life stored inside it. When I opened it, I found a piece of paper with heart prints of pink colour as watermark and many printed words on it. My eyes quickly glanced for the name of the sender but unfortunately it had still not come fully out of the state of slumber. So, I decided to waken up my eyes by splashing cold water over my face and also to ease out my nervousness.

The letter started with the title ‘Congratulations’ in bold letters. I got impressed by the style of presentation. I liked the font size, the colour of the text was blue as well as the style of the letter which was chosen to be monotype corsiva. The style of letter was my preferred style. I wondered who could know me so well.   It read as, “You may be wondering how I know you but you will be surprised even more when you finish reading this letter. Well, I can’t reveal myself now but eventually you will come to know about me. (let that be a mystery right now)

The purpose of writing this letter for you is to encourage you to be the best form of yourself. I have known you quite well and I’ve felt a change in your behaviour towards yourself. Unfortunately, that change has been little bit unfavourable. How can someone who is so gifted, often forgets about those gifts residing within himself!”
I felt as if someone had heard my unsaid agonies and anxieties.

I continued reading from where I left it, “Don’t forget that it was in your 6th year of life, in 1st standard to be precise, when you left the crowd flabbergasted with your melodious performance. Appearing in the stage before a huge crowd for the first time did not intimidate you. By the time you progressed in your life, you learned to excel in many co-curricular activities like singing, painting, writing, quizzing along with academics. Your love for Maths grew fonder day by day and your untiring efforts made you win many Olympiads at school. You have always tried to give your best. Many times, life did not turn out to be fair to you but never forget the lessons it gave you, those umpteen gifts for your efforts!”

I started to feel nostalgic as there was discussion on my childhood days. After wiping the tears from my eyes which blurred my vision, I resumed the process of reading.

“ Let me remind you that whenever you pass through a difficult phase in your life, just remember that it too shall pass like any other moments of your life. The countless rejections are indications of something better and why not the best! It’s better late than never. Success is actually a journey not simply the destination, you’ll soon realise it.

  Well, it’s year 2017 and let me remind you about your achievements. Your passion has very well been acknowledged. Presenting it in numbers so as to give you an exact idea, including the publishing of pieces of your writing and the contests you won, it is 27 for this year which is something commendable. You believe it or not; I must say that you are different and no words of other’s judgement should affect your creativity.”

I wondered if it was written by my father but from the design of the envelope and writing, I became sure that it was not by him.

It read further, “It’s the time to reveal myself. You might already have started the search for me in your mind but let me surprise you once again by introducing me.

I’m the one whom you always
 Wanted to be a friend in existence
 Oh! Yes, I’m the one with whom
 You share each word of yours as the day ends

I’m the one who kept your every secret very closely
I’m no one else but your dear Diary.
You’ll find such letters of encouragement
Whenever you need one
 May be at another unearthly hour
 Oblivious to the sleeping world.

Untill next time , keep living your life the way it has been designed and destined

With much love
Signing off!”

My eyes opened when my head started to hurt. I called for my mom. I realised that I’ve fallen from my bed and hurt my head. I looked at the clock hung in front of wall which gestured for me to take the medicines. That’s when I could figure out that the effect of medicines of previous day was very intense!

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27 Oct 2017

#309 The Bibliograph

#308 Sailing through white clouds

Sailing through white clouds

Prompt: Put your iPod on shuffle/turn on the radio to your favourite station- write a post using the song as your prompt.
The song which got played is Aaj mein upar aasmaan neeche from the movie Khamoshi

Among the white clouds
I fly high in the sky
The plane which houses me
Has spread its metallic wings
Wide and in colour white
I peep through the window
The ground is far below
Which goes out of my sight
I feel like a bird so light
But my journey is destined
Oh! Yes, it is timed
During night time, I find
The sky turning into black
And the ground illuminating bright
The sky and ground interchanging
Their roles so brilliantly
Inside my heart my childish
Desire kept asking me,
“Why could not I get
A glimpse of God here
When I look above at sky
To send my prayer?”  

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23 Oct 2017

#307 Monster

Image result for monster pictures
One day I got a way
To defeat the indomitable
Invisible monsters who
Have been surrounding me forever.

Procrastination lured me to sleep
Laziness accompanied it
I started getting panicked
When my assignments got heaped

Fear of failure nurtured me
The sense of being judged
Confined me within its
Boundary of comfortibility

Inferiority complex overshadowed my
All time companion; confidence
I started searching for the
Former self which hid itself in seclusion

That’s when I reminded myself that
Determination is power
By developing a never-give-up demeanour
I can defeat these monsters.

I resolved to be punctual and contemplative
Prepared plans to follow
Stuck to it no matter what
Even when I failed one after the other.

After a session of constant effort
I succeeded in conquering monster
Never had I felt victorious
I realised that “Everything is possible”.

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20 Oct 2017

#306 Courage Vs Comfort

Courage Vs Comfort

Related image
“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you cannot choose both”-Brene Brown

Courage can be defined as an act of bravery or doing something that frightens one. In common word, we can associate it with guts. Courage is required when we want to do something which we find challenging. Courage is not the lack of fear but the confidence in accomplishing a task which requires a lot of strength of yours; be it physical or mental. Comfort is defined as a state of physical or mental ease. It is something that keeps us miles away from troubles. Comfort is achieved when we don’t undertake any hazardous or challenging tasks.

Related image

To achieve something, we need to overcome certain challenges. For example, someone wants to reduce his weight and he’s working. As per the timing of his office, he has to report to his office sharp at 10:00 a.m and he reaches home at around 8p.m after the office. He has decided to join gym. He finds it challenging to attend gym after 8 p.m as he would have been left with no energy. So, he chooses the morning slot which is from 6a.m. As per his comfort, he usually gets up at 8a.m but for achieving what he wants, he has to somehow motivate himself to wake up before 6a.m to go for gym. This is what he has to do beyond his comfort zone.

All of us live in certain comfort zones, call it someone’s intrinsic characteristics. Someone wants to be a famous public speaker but he is an introverted person who rarely speaks. His comfort zone will always try to keep him within its periphery but for achieving what he wants, he will have to choose to be courageous to come out of his comfort zone. These comfort zones are mostly self created due to the preconceptions that we’ve chosen to hold on to for a long time.

Everything is achieved outside the comfort zone. The quote of Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it’s done” is apt in the context of the ongoing discussion. Initiation is mostly the toughest part.What pulls us back from making an attempt in the direction of our goal, are our own unguarded negative thoughts. By the adjective unguarded, I mean that those negative thoughts have not been identified well to be removed before they can hamper good intentions. These thoughts create a hypothetical scene of insecurities and failures before the actual failure occurs.
Related image

So, choosing courage over comfort will always be a wise idea in almost all situations. It’ll not only open up various avenues that might have gone unnoticed but also help in bringing out the true self of the one that somehow has become dormant over the course of time.

Concluding this article with the following quote:

“Where you stumble, there your treasures lie”,George Campbell.

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18 Oct 2017

#305 At Indie Adda

17 Oct 2017

#304 Diwali

Image result for Diwali wishes
An echleons of zillion lights adorn
When visualised from the space above
Our houses shimmer radiantly
Making even the tiny gleam rejoice

This season of festival
Makes the arrival of my relatives possible
A get-together with my near and dear ones
Makes me crave for their company even more

Pre Diwali preparation with my cousins
Lending few helping hands to my mother
Sweeping away even a lil dust
The concept of cleanliness is must

Mouth watering delicacies
Stacked up in a row over the table
Even a minuscule glimpse of whose
Can transform everyone into gluttons.

As the day fades into night
Darkness is driven by manifestation of lights
Amidst the cry of noise and celebration
I get lose of the track of time
Oh! These treasures of memories
 This festival has gifted me
Leaves an indelible print in my mind.

 Image result for Diwali wishes
© Swati Sarangi


16 Oct 2017

#303 Conversation of modern gadgets

Conversation of modern gadgets

Raman, one of the reputed businessmen of Delhi had left for vacation to Miami with his five-years-old daughter and wife for a month. With his luggage being packed, he had his brand new Apple iPhone 8 in his hand which was radiating its lustrous hues. This was his new mobile phone which he had ordered ye after replacing his Samsung Pro mobile.

Apple’s iPhones remain unbeatable since they have entered into the market of electronics in the year 2007 and swayed away all mobile phones with a blow.  Now Apple iPhones have successfully completed ten years and proved to be the most iconic smartphones ever made. These iPhones have not only brought revolution in the world of Smartphones but also gave a new touch to the electronics industry.  Apple’s iPhones are not within the budget of a middle-class family and this is what makes them a matter of status in a society. These smart phones come under luxurious gadgets like a deluxe hotel not everyone could afford. There is a huge difference between the way people handle normal phones and iphones. Often iphone owners are seen taking selfies in front of a mirror so that its logo gets reflected perfectly. News like a guy selling his kidney in order to purchase an iPhone has hit the media for long. Such is the craze of iPhones. Gadgets really play an important role in simplifying our day-today life. From e-shopping to e-transaction of money, everything is at one’s finger tip.   

Raman’s house was not empty at all. It was a shelter for a lot of gadgets being occupied at different locations. In his absence, there would be hot discussions among all the gadgets regarding the world and what not! And now, these gadgets had plenty of time to carry out their conversation at an ease without being bothered by their owners for about one month.

“Hi, what’s up?” said Voltas Air Conditioner with a smile in face.
“Nothing much these days, lying dormant here on table.” Replied a Samsung Pro mobile.
“Why so, aren’t you being used by your owner now-a-days?” Voltas AC fired another question.
“I feel quite lonely because I think that my owner is no longer interested in me now.” Samsung Pro mobile opened up a bit more.

“Nothing like that, he may be busy. No need to worry much as he is out for the vacation. Perhaps for a month!! Just chill as it’s the time for us to relax as well. We were being used tremendously. Don’t you feel so??” Said Voltas AC with one blow in order to lighten up the mood of Samsung Tab.

“Oh my God!! One month. But I miss Riya. Because she was the one who would love to watch cartoon and I am the one who would love to see her reactions. How lovely she is!! The way she uses my remote to operate me is just beyond any description. I don’t like to remain shut down for such a long time.” It was always a habit of Sony Bravia LCD TV to jump into the conversation all of a sudden. It did not like to keep quiet and for that reason only it was hated by other gadgets present in the house.

“Yesterday only, I saw my owner holding a parcel in his hand. He was very much excited to unpack the parcel. I was surprised to see his reaction on unpacking the box. It was a brand new Apple iPhone 8, glittering and radiating its spark. The moment he held this smart iphone, kept me aside. I felt neglected and unworthy.” Samsung Pro mobile broke down and cried like a child.

To this, whirlpool washing machine could not resist itself from consoling Samsung Pro mobile. It was like a child to this old gadget (washing machine) which was brought to Raman’s house a decade ago. “Please have patience ,my dear. He has purchased a new smartphone in order to gain some status among his friends. You have always been a part of his daily life. It’s natural for him to go for an advance model. It’s wrong on your part to think like that.”

“He is thinking absolutely right. He is of no more use now. When one has an advance model of something, why would one ever think to use the old one??” Said LG refrigerator."

“Whatever you told, may be correct but one could not predict anything right now. He may use both of them also.” Voltas Air conditioner tried to balance the conversation.

“I just visualise myself to be left unused forever like Philip’s Boombox. Without being in operation, we gadgets are just dead.” Continued Samsung Pro mobile.

“I have been praying for last one year to get sold as soon as possible. It’s always better to be in use of someone’s else rather than lying dormant here in a house where your existence is just negligible.” Philip’s Boombox participated in conversation by raising his voice.

“I agree with you completely. It is a wise decision to sell your gadgets which are not in use. By this way, one would not only get money but also make it available for some needy people.” Whirlpool Washing machine discussed a logical point.

“I wish that, if my owner doesn’t want to make me a part his daily life, then I should be better sold off. I would prefer myself being at someone else’s hand rather than lying dormant here. It’s an ideology of every gadget to fulfil the expectation of his owner.” Samsung Pro mobile spoke his heart out loudly.

“I think if you are not being used by your owner, you will be sold definitely. He can’t keep a lot of gadgets. He will have to clean up everything one day. So, I wish the same only for you. Let’s leave a message with the help of the e-pen.” Concluded Voltas Air Conditioner.

A message was left for Raman to receive over Windows.
“Don’t let your gadgets left unused; sell those to get cash back with CASHIFY

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