1 Nov 2016

#204 Birthday Wishes to a friend

Birthday Wishes to a friend

A girl of utmost wisdom
Adept at solving
Various relationship problems
A sweet smile that
Never leaves her face
Maintaining a unique personality
In this mortal world of race
Someone who never tolerates
Any sort of mess
Whose amiable demeanor
Always makes me amazed
She’s one of her kind
Possessing the most stable
State of mind
The more you come
Under her influence
The higher will be
 The revelations of life’s trance
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Sincere prayer for you
My dear friend
Some words of wishes
For you, to send

Image result for friends girls clipart
May you touch the sky
With all your efforts high
May you keep inspiring
And continue to be a
Part of this (friendship) blessing
*Touch wood*

I know I’m not late
Because the end has
Not yet arrived for
This November’s 1st date

Swati Sarangi

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